Expansion Opportunities

Tioga and Meeker, Firm Receipts from Tennessee Gas Pipeline
The UGI Storage Tioga and Meeker fields utilize an existing interconnection with Tennessee Gas Pipeline that is operated as a secondary receipt point for injections into storage. UGI Storage recently completed facilities that made this receipt point firm in early 2013.

Tioga Access Expansion Project
UGI Storage will be commencing a non-binding open season for its Tioga Access Expansion Project on November 11, 2013. The project consists of pipeline looping and additional compression to support additional receipt capacity along its existing TL-96 transmission line that runs between Mansfield and Wellsboro, Tioga County. UGI Storage will also consider requests to extend TL-96 beyond Mansfield to new shippers wishing to add receipt points for firm or interruptible storage service, interruptible wheeling or firm transportation. Non-binding bids are due by December 20, 2013. Please click here for more information.

Meeker Deliverability
UGI Storage is assessing the infrastructure improvements that would be required to increase the daily withdrawal capability of the Meeker field. Based upon the level of customer interest, this enhancement could be available in 2014.

Interconnections with Other Regional Pipelines and Producers
There are other interstate natural gas pipelines and producers in the general area of the UGI Storage facilities in North Central Pennsylvania. Based upon the level of customer interest, UGI Storage may be able to construct new interconnections with these pipelines or producers to provide additional delivery and receipt points for storage customers.

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